Mucha pa Mucha

Help us make the children’s ward at the Sehos hospital even more child friendly!

Mucha pa Mucha collects monies by means of sponsorship, events and fundraising to enable the Children's Ward at St Elisabeth hospital in Curacao become even more child friendly and provide an extraordinary level of care.

The Charity, Mucha pa Mucha was founded in October 2014 by staff of the Childrens Ward itself. Nurses, Doctors and support personnel are responsible for setting up this initiative to help the most vulnerable patients receive the extra care that they deserve!

In supporting Mucha pa Mucha, you know exactly where your money goes as it’s the staff themselves that have selected which facilities and pieces of medical equipment are most needed for the department. And who would know better than them? Mucha pa Mucha creates transparency over where the funds go, as this website clearly shows which materials and apparatus are still needed, how much they cost and through means of a “cash thermometer” how much has been raised and how much is still needed. Every member of Mucha pa Mucha works entirely on a voluntary basis so that each Euro or Guilder you pledge goes straight to the Children’s department and nowhere else.

Do you also feel the children at the St.Elisabeth hospital deserve the very best of care? Do you feel that their time in the hospital should be as least traumatic as possible? Do you feel that the children's department in Curacao should be as pleasant an environment as possible? If so, please support us by donating via our website or come to one of our events or fundraisers.

Because the children deserve the very best care possible in a child friendly environment!